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West Denton Primary School

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WDPS Resilience

WDPS Resilience

The WDPS Resilience module has been created based on Neuro-Linguistic Programming NLP) research and embeds the WDPS Core Values as we seek to help our children develop confidence and effective communication and people skills.
Communication 1: Perception is Projection

⦁    To recognise words which are negative and words which are positive. 
⦁    Link words to emotions. 
⦁    Everyone in school will recognise when communicating in the negative and be able to rephrase it as a positive. 
⦁    To understand body language. 
Emotional Intelligence (EI), Multiple Intelligences (MI) and Visual, Auditory and Kinaesthetic (VAK) styles of learning
⦁    To understand how I prefer to learn. 
⦁    To celebrate Intelligences (talents). 
⦁    To understand my own emotions and those of others. 
Drama Triangle - Cause and effect
⦁    To reflect on my behaviour and that of others. 
Conflict resolution, the volcano and perceptual positions
⦁    To see others’ viewpoints. 
⦁    To understand what causes conflict. 
⦁    To develop strategies to resolve conflict. 
Turning negatives into positives/reframing, Relax and meditate 1
⦁    To recognise negativity. 
⦁    To develop a positive attitude. 
⦁    To adopt a healthy lifestyle through reflection. 
Multiple Intelligence (MI) week
⦁    To build and work effectively in a team. 
⦁    To achieve a shared goal. 
Goal setting and motivation
⦁    To set goals and achieve them. 
Feedback as a gift

⦁    To show value and respect for others through feedback. 
Time management and organisational strategies
⦁    Use tools and strategies to manage your life more effectively. 
Communication 2: Listening with our whole bodies
⦁    To be an active and effective listener. 
Relax and meditate 2
⦁    To be kind to yourself. 
Make a positive contribution
⦁    To think about other people’s needs. 
⦁    To improve other people’s lives.