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Autumn Term A

Autumn Half Term Homework

Reception have been sent home individual log in details for Mini Mash, Ten Town and Seesaw.  We will be using Seesaw to post homework each week and to post work if children have to self isolate.

Well done for working so hard this half term Reception.  Have a great week off and we look forward to hearing all of your holiday news when you return.  Monday 2nd November is a teacher training day and children will return to school Tuesday 3rd November. 

 Halloween Party

Reception had a spooktacular time at our Halloween party.  The children enjoyed the games which included pass the parcel, corners and pin the tail on the black cat.  We worked in teams to wrap children in toilet paper from head to toe.  Don't they look terrifying?  Eating our snack time dangling doughnut treat was really tricky!

Week 7

"What's in the Witch's Kitchen?" by Nick Sharratt 

Reception have been writing their own spooky spells.  We have been acting out the story "What's in the Witch's Kitchen?" in our role play area.

 One More

In Maths we counted out the matching number and then worked out 'one more'.  We related 1 more to adding 1 object and jumping forwards on a numberline.  

Sensory Play

Reception used their senses to investigate and describe the pumpkins.

Make a Wand Challenge

We hunted for sticks in our forest and decorated them to make magic wands.  Bippity boppity boo! Abracadabra!

Witch Brew Slime

The water tray was filled with slimy green witch brew.

Pumpkin Hammering

To develop our hand eye co-ordination we hammered golf tees into pumpkins.

Week 6

  "Room on the Broom" by Julia Donaldson

For homework this week, Red Reception are trialing the Seesaw app.  Your child will come home with details on how to log in.  They can either access Seesaw on a smart device using the QR code or on a PC using the password code. 

Witch Scavenger Hunt

In Bushcraft we helped a wicked witch hunt for spell ingredients.  We put the ingredients in a cauldron and made a bubbling potion.  

Toasted S'mores

We toasted s’mores around a cosy fire, all this hard work will go towards achieving our life skills challenge award in school.


Reception tried a huge pomelo citrus fruit during snack time.  It was really tricky to peel the skin!

 Make a Pumpkin

In ICT we used a mouse to click, drag and drop.  Look at our scary pumpkin faces!  Try this at home by clicking on the link below:

 Monster Dance Moves

In PE Reception showed off their spooky monster moves in dance!

"Winnie the Witch" by Valerie Thomas and Korky Paul

Winnie can't see Wilbur in her dark black house.  Can you stop Winnie tripping over Wilbur by painting his fur?  Reception completed the colour mixing spells to make new colours and painted Wilbur the cat.

Week 5

 Subitising and Counting

In Maths we have been counting spooky objects that can't be moved.  We also practised instantly recognising the number of objects in a small group without the need to count them.  This is called subitising and will help us develop our number sense.

Bubbling Magic Potion

We mixed together bicarbonate of soda and vinegar to make fizzy potions.  Look what happens when the ingredients are mixed together.  What words can you use to describe the potion?

 "Meg and Mog" Zoo Lab Workshop

Rob the wizard came to visit Reception.  We helped him cast spells and met a range of animals.  Reception handled the different animals and enjoyed learning interesting facts.

Magical Mud Experiment

Reception made green cornflour slime.  We experimented squeezing the mixture and rolling it into a ball.  The mixture felt different and changed when we stopped rolling it.  The children developed their observational skills by describing how the mixture felt and talked about the changes they could see and feel. 

Week 4

"Oliver's Fruit Salad" by Vivian French

Reception enjoy taking part in bushcraft sessions and love to be outdoors with Mrs McHatton.  This week we listened to the story "Oliver's Fruit Salad" by Vivian French and made our own colourful fruit kebabs. 

Fruit Salad Addition

Chef Maria asked Reception to help work out the total number of pieces of fruit in her fruit salads.  They worked in pairs to count out the pieces of fruit as they moved them into the bowl.  Next they counted all of the pieces of fruit and said the number sentence to describe the total in the bowl  "2 and 5 makes 7". 

Sharing Monkeys

Max the Monkey had some has some fruit that he wanted to share fairly between his friends. Reception explored sharing different numbers of oranges, strawberries, apples and bananas between three little monkeys – Max, Marcia and Marcel.  The challenge was to share the fruit fairly and count how many pieces each friend has.

Fruit Salad Shopping List Counting

Fred followed the fruit salad shopping list to make sure that he had the correct amount of each fruit, but when he was at the shop, the shopkeeper packaged up the fruit.  The shopkeeper put a Numicon shape label on the bag.  The Reception children were asked to find the bag containing each of the correct ingredients.  We then helped Fred chop the fruit to make a delicious fruit salad!  

Week 3

"Walking Through the Jungle" a Barefoot Singalong

In Maths we counted crocodile teeth, continued a snake colour pattern and found objects that are longer and shorter than the crocodile from the story.  We matched lost animals to the correct habitats and created a house for the little girl using simple mouse skills in ICT.  

Week 2

 Hapa Zome

Reception enjoyed working with Mrs McHatton in the Bushcraft area.  Hapa zome is the Japanese art of bashing the natural pigment out of leaves and flowers onto fabric to create prints.  It’s a wonderful sensory experience, a really simple and effective way to learn a little more about plants and trees and a creative way to make beautiful prints.

Week 1

Here we are enjoying our first week together in our Reception class.  Old friends are settling back into routines and welcoming in new friends.  Together we have explored the areas of the Reception class because, as you may know, it is all new to me as well.  The children have eaten lunch together, played outside and are brilliant at washing their hands well to stop germs spreading.  I am so happy to be in Reception this year with my lovely class and am looking forward to an action packed year.  Here are some of the things we have experienced…