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West Denton Primary School

‘A Stepping Stone into the Future’

Summer Term B


Reception followed simple instructions and made chocolate, banana and strawberry milkshake from cow's milk.  We then wrote our own instructions using numbers, bossy language and time words.

Week 3

 Where does food come from?

Story Maps

This week we listened to different versions of the traditional tale "The Little Red Hen".  Reception made their own story maps to retell the story. 

Sentence Writing


We worked as a team to shake cream and turn it into butter.  Reception learned that the fat sticks together and makes the cream thicken.  The buttermilk was poured away and our delicious homemade butter spread on our breakfast toast.

Week 2 

Little Red Hen 

This week the children have enjoyed looking at the journey that the 'Little Red Hen' took to make her delicious bread. To show the children the process of making bread we turned our classroom into a bakery and made our own delicious bread buns using yeast.  Using key events in the story, the children were able to retell and order the story correctly.  The children discussed if they would have shared their bread with the characters in the story. 

Sentence Writing

Making Flour


This term Mrs Williams will be delivering cycle coaching in our Reception class.  The children loved their first session using the balance bikes. 

Week 1


We have been looking at the story "Peepo!" by Janet and Allan Ahlberg.  A story set in the 1940's which looks at what a baby can see as they look around their family home.  We enjoyed comparing some of the rooms in the story, to what our houses and rooms look like now.  We saw record players, radios and toilets that were very different from what we are used to!  Mrs Taylor talked about her childhood home and showed us some items from her past.