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West Denton Primary School

‘A Stepping Stone into the Future’

Summer Term B

Week 7

 Blue Reception Class of 2021-22

Congratulations to all our Reception children for having such a successful year. It has been a pleasure to teach each and every one of them. I have loved watching them grow into confident and happy learners.  I will miss my lovely class and I am unbelievably proud of the resilience, hard work and progress they made.  I could not have wished for a better class!

Sadly it will be fantastic Mrs Taylor's last week at West Denton Primary.  I am very grateful for the care and support she has provided as a valued member of early years.  I wish her every blessing in her retirement adventure,  we will all miss you!

 Party Time!

The children played party games to celebrate a fantastic year in Reception!

Party Food

Week 6

Oliver's Fruit Salad

Reception enjoy taking part in bushcraft sessions and love to be outdoors with Mrs McHatton.  This week we listened to the story "Oliver's Fruit Salad" by Vivian French and made our own colourful fruit kebabs.  It was fantastic to see so many families at our family learning event and experience our exciting Life Skills Challenge Award.  Thank you for your support.  

Our Budding Banksy 🎨

Sports Day

Today we have enjoyed having our parents, grandparents, family members and carers come to watch us in our first sports day.  Well done to all of the children in the Reception who took part.  Here are some photos of the action.

 Animal Picnic

On Friday Reception had a lovely picnic with some very important guests (their favourite teddy bear).

Week 5

Northumberland Zoo

As part of our topic on farms and animals we went for a visit to Northumberland Zoo.  We got to meet lots of the different animals and looked at how they should be cared for.  What a fabulous day we all had!

Swooping Pebbles the Owl 🦉

Still image for this video

Week 4

 The Cow That Laid An Egg

Reception have really enjoyed the story of 'The Cow That Laid An Egg' by Andy Cutbill this week.  This book gave us the opportunity to explore and celebrate what makes us all uniquely special.  


Reception followed simple instructions and made chocolate, banana and strawberry milkshake from cow's milk. 

 School Talent Show

Mia, Ali, Theo and Blake performed a double rap song in our whole school talent show.

Doubles Rap

Still image for this video

Odd and Even Investigation

Reception looked carefully at the shape of odd and even Numicon shapes.  The children counted out the matching number of socks and then paired them up.  We worked out even numbers make pairs and if an odd number a sock left out.

Week 3

 Where does food come from?

Story Maps

This week we listened to different versions of the traditional tale "The Little Red Hen".  Reception made their own story maps to retell the story. 


We worked as a team to shake cream and turn it into butter.  Reception learned that the fat sticks together and makes the cream thicken.  The buttermilk was poured away and our delicious homemade butter spread on our bread snack.

Spreading Butter and Eating

Week 2 

 Little Red Hen

This week the children have enjoyed looking at the journey that the 'Little Red Hen' took to make her delicious bread. To show the children the process of making bread we turned our classroom into a bakery and made our own delicious bread buns using yeast.  The children discussed if they would have shared their bread with the characters in the story. 

Mixing, Kneading and Rolling Dough

The Little Red Hen Writing


In Maths we have been learning double facts and enjoyed playing doubles dice, doubles pairs game and dominoes with our friends.

Plan to Play Fun

Week 1


We have been looking at the story "Peepo!" by Janet and Allan Ahlberg.  A story set in the 1940's which looks at what a baby can see as they look around their family home.  We enjoyed comparing some of the rooms in the story, to what our houses and rooms look like now.  We saw record players, radios and toilets that were very different from what we are used to!  Mrs Taylor talked about her childhood home and showed us some items from her past. 


This term Mrs Williams will be delivering cycle coaching in our Reception class.  The children loved their first session using a balance bike and lifting their feet.