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Head Teacher's Welcome Message

HT Welcome Message

Head Teacher's Blog 

10 -02- 23 (Mick MingStones, Head Teacher, WDPS)

Dear Families,


I hope that you this has been a stimulating week for you all.


Monday Assembly

This week We looked at Haiti and Pakistan and their recovery journeys after natural disasters.



I put myself in someone else's shoes.


I am honest with myself and with others. Achievers' Assembly

I love seeing the delight on our children's faces as they share their work and receive an Achiever's Certificate for their academic achievement or for living out WDPS Core Values like 'Creativity', 'Enthusiasm' or 'Empathy'.


Havannah First School - Triad Visit

This week, I visited Havannah First School with the Head Teacher of Broadwood Primary School as part of a three school Local Authority  Triad Project. We act as critical friends and provide an Ofsted-style experience with practical support for overall school improvement.


Moldgreen Community Primary School

I have set up links with a school in Huddersfield and on Wednesday I provided workshops for their Y5 class. Going forward, we will invite them to WDPS to work alongside Miss Croll's Y5 class and to enjoy our Life Skills Challenge Award (LSCA) experience. 


OWLT MAT Meeting

On Thursday, I met with other Heads and Board Members online to discuss the MAT process.


Extraordinary Full Governor Meeting

Thank you to our Governors who met this week to discuss school development priorities.


Fair Access Panel

I represent the OWLT schools on this panel, as we seek to meet the needs of individual children across the city.


Calendar Competition

Thank you to all families who supported their children in next year's Calendar Competition. We will notify our school  community of the winners once they have been chosen by our Governors. 


Tolent and Parent Shack

I met with Harry Twizell (Project Manager, Tolent) and he gave me a tour of the building site. We also discussed the creation of a Parent Shack in collaboration with Northumbria University School of Architecture. 


Bikeability Meeting

On Thursday I met with Emily Cherry (CEO Bikeability UK) and gave her a tour of WDPS facilities along with Dave Buchan (Bike4health). It was interesting to hear how cycling is developing in the North of England and nationwide.


Attendance Update

All school staff are working really hard to improve our overall school attendance. Please ensure that your child gets into the habit of coming to school every day so that they can maximise their life chances through developing their talents to the full. Our Attendance Officer Grant Short and our School Welfare Officer Lyndsay McMenzie are working with families to improve their children's attendance. If you are having any problems getting your child into school, please let their Class Teacher know immediately and Grant and/or Lyndsay will contact you to offer support.


New Initiatives

Children with over 97% attendance will have a treat in the hall once a half-term.

Green wrist bands for 97% attendance for a half-term and gold for 100% attendance.

Class weekly league table on the website every Friday.

Monday text reminding parents about benefits of attending and the £50 voucher each half-term.

Children to receive a sticker for attending each week.


New In-class Incentive

On each day that the whole class are present, they will earn a letter to display. Once they have spelt out ‘My Perfect Attendance’, they will be rewarded with a Golden Afternoon e.g. PJs party, film and popcorn in classroom, board game afternoon etc.


Holidays in Term Time - Penalty Notice

Since September 2019, the Governing Body has been notifying the Attendance Service about any pupil taking holidays in term time and will now be issuing Penalty Notices.  This policy is in line with Newcastle LA and our partner schools in the Outer West Learning Trust (OWLT).


Please note that a copy of the Penalty Notice is issued to each parent for each child taken out of school. A Penalty Notice is a fine of £60 if paid within the first 21 days which increases to £120 if paid between 22 and 28 days. If the Penalty remains unpaid, this may lead to prosecution through the Magistrates Court.

The summer holidays at the end of the academic year 2022-2023 are equivalent to a full six weeks starting on the 21st July to the 5th September which we hope may enable families to book cheaper holidays removing any need for children to go on holiday during term time.


Family Support - Literacy and Numeracy

Read Write Inc (RWI), Reading Plus and Reading with Your Child at Home to Improve their Life Chances

NB We have purchased Reading Plus for those Y2 children who have finished RWI.


Please practise all RWI phonics work that is sent home with your child and work with school staff to help our children to develop a love for reading by sharing books with them at home on a daily basis. Also, can we ask all parents and carers to share a book, story of magazine with their child at home each day. Help your child and  make sure that they do their Reading Plus work as well,  as those children who are accessing these challenges regularly, are making rapid progress in their reading speed and thinking skills. I know that many of our students are strengthening their attainment levels with regular sessions at home on both Doodle English and Doodle Spell. 

Once your child can read, they can access the curriculum and begin to learn and also improve their life chances to get the best jobs possible in life. Education simply opens up more choices for your child in all areas of their life to come. 



All children love and benefit from Times Tables Rockstars, so please support them at home with this programme and also with Doodle Maths and Doodle Tables. With just 10 minutes every day, the children can potentially make three months’ worth of progress in one month. 


Extended Curriculum

I am passionate about giving our children a rich diet of healthy activities at school. It has been lovely to extend our curricular offer and to encourage our children to adopt healthy life choices that they can hopefully continue throughout their lives. 


From September 2022, we have extended our outdoor learning offer and provide a wider range of activities in order to develop our children’s Multiple Intelligences.  Please click on the link below to see an overview of the exciting experiences our children will enjoy in the future as per the mindmap  'WDPS Cycle Development and Wider Outdoor Learning'.


WDPS Cycle Development and Wider Outdoor Learning - September 2022 | West Denton Primary School

This week, our Y4 children enjoyed their weekly ukulele sessions delivered by John from the Newcastle Music Service. Nathan has taught Rocksteady music sessions to our budding performers and musicians. 


Mrs. McHatton has had fun delivering the WDPS Life Skills Challenge Award (LSCA) to our children on a rota basis. I am also enjoying working with Mrs. McHatton to provide a lunchtime Bushcraft Club. Mrs. Williams continues to develop our children's bike-handling skills and give them confidence in this life-enhancing skill. 


Attitudes, Behaviours and Consequences Project (ABC Project)

Our Y5 students are currently benefitting from the ABC Project that is  delivered  by Dr. Percy Mather who is a former Director of Training for Northumbria Police. Through this programme, our children are encouraged to develop their knowledge and understanding of how attitudes may lead to antisocial behaviour which may have consequences for the young person in their future lives. 

Our children learn what antisocial behaviour is and how to avoid it in school and in their local neighbourhood. They also learn how to make informed decisions and to appreciate that each individual must take responsibility for his or her own actions.


SHINE Project = Saturday FUN!

For the ninth year running, our Y5 and Y6 children (boys and girls) will have the opportunity to take part in the SHINE Project with staff and students from Newcastle High School for Girls in Jesmond.


Starting on Saturday 14th January 2023, children travelled by coach to Newcastle High School for Girls where they are enjoying taking part in various activities in different subject areas such as Biology, Philosophy and Drama. These sessions are fun, highly practical and interactive. This initiative ties in perfectly with the WDPS Raising Aspirations Programme (RAP) as we want to inspire our children to achieve all that they can in life.


Last Saturday, Mrs. McHatton informed me that the children really enjoyed learning about DNA and actually extracting DNA from a banana!!


Y6 Catch up Swimming at Royal Grammar School (RGS)

A cohort of our Y6 students are attending 5 after-school swimming sessions at RGS this half-term.


OWLT Y5/6 Basketball Competition

Congratulations to our 8 players who represented our school so well this week. 



A huge thank you to all out staff who have provided lunchtime and after-school clubs for our children this week. If your child did not manage to get into the club of their choice this half-term, there will be further opportunities over the course of the next academic year.


Parent Engagement

Our Y1-2 parents and carers enjoyed their first craft activity workshop this week.


Our Y3 and Y3-4 parents and carers enjoyed their first Hat Trick after-school sessions with their children.


Thank you to the Y4 parents and carers who attended Time Tables Meeting. Please support your children in practising their times tables in preparation for their online exam in a few months' time.


WDPS Raising Aspirations Programme (RAP)

We need more speakers - please!

If you would like to share your life journey with our older students (15 to 20 minutes), could you please e-mail Miss Croll or I and we can talk through this positive experience for our children. I promise you that it is very relaxed and teaching staff and I are there to promote a calm, learning environment.


All children need to have positive adult role models in order to help them to achieve their full potential. This is why we invite inspirational speakers into school to help children understand that hard work, perseverance and following your dreams can open up maximum choices in all aspects of life. 


A huge thank you to Erika Allen who kindly shared her life journey with our Phase 3 children this week.


Having Fun as a Family

As families, remember that you and your children need lots of down time and getting outside together is a tonic for the wellbeing of all. A walk in the park, throwing or kicking a ball, a family bike ride can all help to put a smile back on our faces. If you have a pet, have fun playing with it. If the weather is challenging, try an indoor physical workout which will get your heartbeat up or dust off a board game and re-kindle the shared pleasure of playing games together. Also, sharing a book is one of the best ways to help your child on their lifelong learning journey.


Enjoy a fun and relaxing weekend with your loved ones.


Kind regards,




Mick MingStones

Head Teacher