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West Denton Primary School

‘A Stepping Stone into the Future’

Summer Term B

Red Room Reception Class of 2020-21!

Week 6

Cycling Sessions

This term Mrs Williams has delivered cycle coaching in our Reception class. Alongside bikes from our own fleet, we also borrowed some bikes from the British Cycling Newcastle Partnership. The children loved the sessions and two thirds of the children can now ride a 2 wheeled bike. 

Sir Graham Wylie Foundation

Thank you for your support in sponsoring our children  to to run and walk around the running and mountain bike trail in order to fundraise for SGWF. SGWF sponsors the WDPS Life Skills Challenge Award (LSCA) and also helps groups of children and young people in challenging and vulnerable circumstances. 

Week 5


The children received some of Mr Thompson's oat crop on their farm trip.  We used the oats to make a tasty flapjack treat for snack time back at school.  Delicious!

 Broxfield Farm Trip

Reception have been learning about food and farming and the connection between the two. They enjoyed a ride through the fields on a  trailer pulled by a huge tractor.  It was a bumpy ride but lots of fun! We saw some baby calves amongst the herd of cows.  The children then milled their own flour from grains of wheat.  Reception worked in teams to make a straw filled scarecrow and finished with a catwalk.  We’re incredibly grateful to Farmer Mr Thompson for having us and to The Country Trust for making it possible.  Reception were very tired on the way back to school after our fun filled day.

Safety Talk and Four Leaf Clover Hunt

Rory found a lucky four leaf clover!   Well done smiley

Tractor Ride and Cows

Packed Lunches

Week 4

 Where does food come from?



Reception followed simple instructions and made chocolate, banana and strawberry milkshake from cow's milk.  We then wrote our own instructions using numbers, bossy language and time words.



We worked as a team to shake cream and turn it into butter.  Reception learned that the fat sticks together and makes the cream thicken.  The buttermilk was poured away and our delicious homemade butter spread on our breakfast toast.

Week 3

Allotment Adventure

We helped to harvest the crops grown in our allotment area and planted seeds to grow vegetables.  The children tasted different varieties of mint and smelled a selection of herbs growing there.

 Odd and Even Numbers

This week we revised counting in 2s, these are even numbers.  We worked out if numbers were odd or even by pairing cubes and working out if any were left over.  Reception also worked in teams to sort the Numicon shapes into odd and even groups.  We noticed that the odd Numicon shapes had a part that sticks out.

Week 2

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

We described the main character in our writing this week and practised writing sentences independently.


Mrs William's has been teaching the children in Reception how to ride a bike.  In an open space we learned to balance, use the brakes, pedal, and get comfortable on the bike.


In Maths we have been learning double facts and enjoyed playing dominoes with our friends.

Week 1

 Oliver's Vegetables

Reception have been making observational drawings of vegetables in pencil and learning about healthy food choices.  We helped a fat Spiderman write a healthy  vegetable shopping list to take to Morrison's supermarket.