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West Denton Primary School

‘A Stepping Stone into the Future’

Spring Term B

Week 6


Reception enjoyed completing superhero challenges linked to our story of the week "Supertato" by Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet.  We problem solved using the Numicon pieces to make a city and played superhero number bingo using a dice.  To develop our fine motor control and finger strength we threaded laces to trap the Evil Pea, made peas from playdough and caught pom pom peas with pegs. 

In Literacy we wrote sentences to describe Supertato.  Some star writers used the ‘wow’ word courageous! 

Numicon Superhero City


As part of our Easter celebration Reception went on a chick hunt in bushcraft, designed eggs for a school competition and made chocolate nests.

Egg Design Competition

Week 5

 Kitchen Disco

Did you know when you go to sleep all the fruit in the bowl comes to life and has a fun-filled, night long party? The mangos love to dance, the banana DJ can do the splits, the grapes enjoy a conga line and the apples shake their pips! It is a fruit-tastic extravaganza and everyone is invited - so don't be shy, join in and let's get this party started!

Reception loved the illustrations and joining in with the repetitive chorus.  We used the fruits from the story to create colourful prints.  Which fruits created the best prints?

Writing Longer Words

Equal and Unequal Groups Consolidation Challenge

Plan to Play

Week 4

 The Invisible String ​​​​​​

Our book of the week was a lovely story called "The Invisible String", a story about the invisible connection of love.  We created wonderful drawings showing who we feel most connected to by an invisible string.  The activity helped the children to think of all the the wonderful connections they have with their friends and family.   


We would like to wish all the special ladies in our lives a very happy and relaxing Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day Letters

Week 3 

 Handa's Surprise 

This week we have been reading the story "Handa's Surprise" set in Kenya.  The children tasted tropical fruit and developed their descriptive language.  We wrote a riddle and described what our chosen fruit looks, tastes and feels like. 

Writing Riddles

Small World Play and African Jewellery

Investigating Tropical Fruits

Comic Relief

We had an AWESOME day dressed up as superheroes.  Thank you for all of your kind donations.  The schools has raised a whopping amount of nearly £600!

Week 2

 The Gingerbread Man

This week we have enjoyed listening to and retelling the traditional tale of "The Gingerbread Man".  The children were very excited to make their own gingerbread person by following instructions, carefully measuring and mixing ingredients from a recipe. 

Making a Gingerbread Person

 Writing Speech Bubbles

The children thought about how the characters were feeling in the story and what they might say.  Reception then write a speech bubble for the Gingerbread Man or fox.  We have been practicing leaving finger spaces between words.


In Maths we have been recognising groups of objects to 5 without counting.  This is called subitising and will help us to develop our number sense.  The buttons on the gingerbread were displayed in a regular dice pattern.  The children sequenced the numbered gingerbread and played a pairs game with a friend.    We had to match the cards that show 9 and 10.  Reception are beginning to recognise that the 9 cards are made up of a group of 5 and 4.  The 10 picture cards showed 2 groups of 5 objects.

Feeding Fox Subitising Game

Matching Pairs 9 and 10

Week 1

Mr Wolf's Pancakes

This week we listened to the story "Mr Wolf's Pancakes"by Jan Fearnley.  We helped poor Mr Wolf write a shopping list of ingredients.

Shopping List

Pancake Toppings

During Maths we made a bar graph. The children worked out the most popular topping in Reception.  Can you guess which one the children liked the most?

Pancake Play!


World Book Day

Today Miss Knowles opened the Reception door, not to the children we were expecting but to lots of wonderful book characters!  We made our own bookmarks and went on a book scavenger hunt.  Our special guest Mr MingStones shared a story and tried our tricky ‘toss a pancake' challenge.

Mr MingStones Sharing a Story

Bookmark Crafts