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West Denton Primary School

‘A Stepping Stone into the Future’

Spring A

Week 6

In maths this week, we continued looking at different units to measure length. In English, the children wrote a letter to Ug’s mum, explaining why he is different. We started a new Science topic all about states of matter, learning about the properties of solids, liquids and gases. We also conducted an experiment to see if gases weigh anything. We weighed fizzy drinks before shaking them to release the carbon dioxide, then weighed them again. We discovered that the drinks were lighter after the bubbles were released, meaning that gases do have a weight. In Bushcraft, the children worked very hard litter picking!

Week 5

The children worked very hard on their assessments this week. In art, they produced some fantastic cave art experimenting with different materials. In PE, we continued our gymnastics sessions. The children learned different ways to balance and travel around the room.

Week 4

The children produced some fantastic art this week. They experimented with making different shades, tints and tones. They also used graded pencils to create a sketch of a woolly mammoth skeleton. In English, the children wrote some lovely sunflower poems from Ug to his mum.

Week 3

This week we focused on division in maths. In English, we continued reading ‘Ug, Boy Genius of the Stone Age’ The children had to write diary entries as Ug, and they created adverts for Wooly Mammoth trousers! In art, the children created their own clay sculptures of the lion-man.

Week 2

We continued our art wellbeing sessions this week, and also began our Stone Age art topic which links to History. The children learned all about lion-man, a sculpture made out of mammoth ivory which is approximately 40,000 years old! They then created their own observational drawings of lion-man using different media. We started our new text in Literacy, ‘Ug, Boy Genius of the Stone Age.’ The children had fun coming up with their own Stone Age menus.

Week 1

We started a 6 week art project in year 3 this week all about well-being. The children enjoyed some self directed art using any of the materials available to them. In History, we started our Stone Age to the Iron Age topic. We began by discussing how long ago prehistory was, and the children organised themselves on a timeline going from the early Stone Age all the way to the present day. We looked at how Stone Age people lived and found food.