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West Denton Primary School

‘A Stepping Stone into the Future’

Summer Term A

Week 6 Isolation

 Oliver's Vegetables

Reception have been learning about healthy food choices.

Week 5 

Little Red Hen

This week we listened to the traditional tale "The Little Red Hen".  Reception made their own story maps to retell the story.  We helped the little red hen knead and bake bread buns.  They smelled great and were delicious!  In PE we continued to play team games.  'Tom and Jerry' was lots of fun to play.  Children had to chase 'mice' and pull out their tails.  Our bushcraft challenge this week was to make bird feeders to hang outside.  The class had lots of messy fun working with Mrs McHatton.       

Part 1 The Little Red Hen

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Part 2 The Little Red Hen

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Story Maps

Kneading and Baking Bread

Week 4

 Living Eggs

This week, the eggs arrived.  We were so lucky to watch the chicks hatch during the school day. Reception are looking after them; giving them food and water every day and cuddles. They are so fluffy and small!  

Chick Descriptions


We have been learning about the 'festival of the breaking of the fast' that marks the end of Ramadan.  Ramadan is a month long holiday when Muslims fast, or go without food and drinks during daylight.  During Eid al-fitr Muslims go to the mosque, have a feast with their families and give money to charity.  Reception made Eid cards, moon and star biscuits, mendi and mosque pictures using paint on the iPads. 

Moon and Star Biscuits

3 in a Row and Eid Cards


Reception have been learning how to play team games and how to make an underarm throw to a partner.

 One More or One Less Game

We practised turn taking and our maths skills while playing with our friends.  Reception worked out if there was 1 more or 1 less frog on each lily pad.



Week 3  Self Isolation Home Learning

 Tadpole's Promise

This week we continued learning about frogs.  Reception tried different types of jumps in PE, made frog crafts, listened to frog drawing instructions and looked for signs of Spring.  In Maths we practised counting in 2s and worked out different number bonds to 10.

Week 2

 Oi Frog

The children loved reading the book "Oi Frog" by Kes Gray this week.  They had a good giggle at flea's sitting on peas and dogs sitting on frogs and loved making up some of their own versions.​  We looked at the lifecycle of a frog, identifying each of the four main stages - frog spawn, tadpole, froglet and frog and how this continues and repeats.  Reception carried out a Science experiment and rubbed a ruler to 'charge it up'.  We then held it over a tissue paper frog.  Can you see what happened?  In PE we played an exciting chasing game with Mrs Taylor.  We were 'safe' and couldn't be tagged while on the green lily pad mats.  We have been learning to count in 2s and problem solving to work out number pairs to 5 or 10.     

Week 1


Our learning challenges were linked to the story of the "The Gruffalo" by Julia Donaldson.  As well as listening to the story and describing the Gruffalo, we have been finding out about the characters in the story.  The children designed a wanted poster for the Gruffalo after going on a woodland maths hunt!  We also made a delicious Gruffalo crumble.   

We used clay to make a woodland hedgehog in bushcraft and created a woodland habitat for them.  In maths we have been investigating solid shapes and learning their names.


Try listening to some of our favourite songs at home: