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West Denton Primary School

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Shelter Skills

Our Bushcraft club have been learning how to use knives and bill hooks to make Cazoo’s

Our children have been using their tool safety and resilience to work together to cut wood to make reindeers and snowmen.

Year 3 have been working together to learn how to bow saw safely. Listening to instructions and using their resilience to cut their wooden round. Then making it into a reindeer.

Our. Children have been learning and developing their tool work using a bow saw. Some of our Year 6 children were developing their knowledge by safely teaching younger children. They have been cutting pieces to makes our reindeers and snowmen.

Our children in Year 3, 3/4 and 4 have been enjoying a visit to Gibside - exploring, having fun and den building, working towards their Life Skills Challenge Award, whilst using many skills and building on other such as: speaking and listening, communication, negotiation, teamwork, creativity, empathy, understanding and many more.


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Our children using their resilience, listening skills, instruction following and coordination to make paradors people keyrings using knots.

Our children in Year 1 through to Year 6 have been working with the Bow Saws. Some have been introduced to this tool for the first time, whilst others have been adding to the skills they have previously learnt all as part of their Life Skills Challenge Awards. They have used many skills that are our schools core values and part of our ethos. These are skills that they need to be all rounded people

Bushcraft Club using Bow Saws and Laplander Saws to cut wood to make inspirational trees. Working on skills for life: teamwork, negotiation, speaking and listening, understanding, empathy, resilience, responsibility and many more.

Year 3 have been learning how to safely use a bow saw to start their Christmas reindeer’s

Year 3/4 have been learning clove hitch knots, frapping and lashing to make their Christmas stars

Building habitats from small animals 

Year 5 have been working together to learn the Clove Hitch Knot and the Tautline Hitch Knot - lots of smiles even in the rain

Year 5/6 have been working on learning their knots, Tautline Hitch, Clove Hitch and Marlin Hitch Spike. When they had mastered the knots they made their own shelter using a tarp. Their team work was absolutely amazing.

Year 6 have been introduced to the Laplander saw and the PPE required. They have been practicing using the saw.

Year 5/6 have carries on using the Laplander saw to make their bird and bug houses.

Year 5 have been introduced to the Laplander Saw and the PPE required. They have been practicing how to use it.

After Lockdown Number 3

Our children in Year 5/6 have returned from lockdown raring to go to add to their Life Skills. They have been introduced to the Laplander Saw and the safety talk. After that the children were given: wood, pencil, tape measure, hammer and nails as well as their Laplander saw and PPE and asked to start to design their own bug hotel or bird box.

On the return after lockdown number 3, our children across the school have been working on their Life skills, whilst supporting their well being and mental health in our Bushcraft Area. After hunting to find the missing nest full of eggs. The children took responsibility to look after one of the precious chick and make it a shelter to keep it safe from the weather elements.

Years 3 to 4 have been making shelters for small animals and insects, that they might find in the forest area, to protect them from the winter elements

Year 3 to 4 have been continuing with their Life Skill of Practising using the bow saw, safely and then putting together their snowmen. As well as, gathering the kindling needed to make a successful fire and ordering it in size.

Years 3 and 4 have been introduced to the Bow Saw and it’s safety, then have been practising to gain a new skill


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Our children of different years building and changing dens to meet their games

Our children learn about the importance of shelters to humans and animals, construction techniques  and  how  to use knots and natural materials to create a water tight shelter.

Year 1 and 2 Building Small Dens For The Elves To Come And Visit

Year 4 Building Dens For Small Animals

Year 5 Building Dens at Gibside Using Natural Materials

Year 3 Making Fat Balls To Feed The Wild Birds During The Winter

Year 3/4 Making Fat Balls To Feed The Wild Birds During The Winter

Year 4 Making Fat Balls To Help The Birds Survive The Winter

Year 3/4 Learning How To Tie Clove Hitch Knots And Lash And Frap To Make Christmas Stars

Year 4 Learning How To Tie Clove Hitch Knots And Lashing And Frapping To Make A Christmas Star

Year 5/6 building dens for small animals at Gibside as art of their copper award