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West Denton Primary School

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Navigation Skills

Our children learn essential navigation skills including being able to talk through their journey from school to home, use a map and compass and plan routes.

Our children have been drawing maps from home to school adding landmarks that they see on the way

Following a map at Washington Wetland Trust to find the clues and information to help Ava the Osprey on her journey.

Phase 3 have been enjoying Geocaching at Gibside as part of their navigation and IT. Our children have been learning about what Sat Nav is and why it’s used. Then they programmed the devices and took turns to lead the group using the devices to navigate them to the check points. Finally after finding the box they had to complete the activities within them.

Year 1/2 have been making their own maps of how they get from home to school, including and major roads, roundabouts or landmarks they notice on the way. Each child has made their own map, in their own way, adding everything from their memory

Our children in Years 5 and 6 have been using compasses and instructions to navigate their way around and find the 9 clues to where their prize of Easter Eggs were stashed. They really enjoyed their challenge and found it quite tricky

Years 3 and 4 have been finding clues associated with the Story Moon Man. After they found them all they had to rearrange the letters to find where their prize was.

Years 1 and 2 have been searching for clues associated with the story The GRUFFALO. Once they found all the clues they had to spell out the word to find their prize

Our Year 5 Geocaching at Gibside as part of their LSCA Award

Our Year 6 children have been Geocaching at Gibside as part of the Life Skills Awards

Our children in Year 5/6 have been Geocaching around Gibside using GPS equipment, working towards their Life Skills awards

Year 1 and 2 Learning to Observe the World Around Them at Wallington

Year 3 Learning Simple Map Reading at Gibside

Year 4 Working Towards Silver Award - Learning to Read Compasses and Follow Bearings at Cragside