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West Denton Primary School

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Summer Term A

Week 6 

 Oliver's Fruit Salad

This week we read Oliver's 'Fruit Salad' by Vivian French. We looked at how fruit, vegetables and plants grow from seeds. So we decided to plant our own sunflower seeds to watch them grown in our classroom. The children really enjoyed getting their hands dirty.  

 Attendance Trophy 

100% attendance again this week. Well done everyone! 

Instructional Writing

Continuing Patterns

Numberblock Stamping

Ordering the Stages of Growing a Sunflower

Ofsted Ice Cream Treat

The children were so well behaved and mannered throughout our recent Ofsted inspection. So the school treated them all to an ice cream from the ice cream van. 

Week 6 


We were inspired by the story "Supertato" by Sue Hendra to make our own supehero and villain vegetables.  Look at our amazing models!

Supertato Sentence Writing

 Supertato Bubbly Troubly!

Supertato Finger Challenges

 Kitchen Disco

The children joined the bumping jumping funky bash at the 'Kitchen Disco' by Clare Foges. It was lovely to share thoughts about the different fruit that we could see in the story. The children were quick to learn the Kitchen Disco song and loved moving their hips and shaking their pips and getting all excited with their dance moves.


The children have continued their work on numbers to 10 this week. They have used the staircase pattern and pictures representing the numbers to help them put the numerals in the correct order. We talked about the staircase pattern and played a 'mystery number' game to focus on 1 more than and 1 less than.

Making Numberlines

Observational Drawing

Reception have enjoyed using pencils and pastel crayons to create observational drawings of flowers as part of our growing topic.

Week 4

 Whatever Next!

Reception have enjoyed a space themed week inspired by the Jill Murphy story “Whatever Next!”.  The children used props to act out the story.  We have been practising how to use a capital letter, finger spaces and a full stop when writing sentences.

The Planets

Reception listened to the opposing music compositions Mars and Venus from Gustav Holst’s “The Planets”.  We moved and drew shapes in response to the loud and angry then calm and quiet music.  

 Searching the Planets 

The children really enjoyed our interactive story as we went on a journey into space. We took a look at some of the characteristics of the planets in our sola system before landing on the moon to practice our moonwalking. We visited Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. The children thought it was very exciting to create actions to represent each planet and it's characteristics.     

Maths- Matching Sets to Numerals

 Attendance Trophy 

100% attendance this week! 

With the trophy being back in our classroom for the seventh time this year; I think we will have to start to polish it soon. 

Well done team, lets keep up the hard work.

You are all doing a fabulous job! 

Week 3

 The King's Pants

As we all get ready to wave our flags and celebrate the King's Coronation at the weekend, Reception have been looking at the story "The King's Pants" by Nicholas Allan. This funny story shows us all the King's underpants that he wears for special occasions. The children used the pants pictures from the book to write some descriptive sentences. 

Making a King's Crown

King's Castle - Plan to Play

Union Jack Colouring in

Union Jack Tattoo

Week 2


This week the children looked at some objects that could be found in a Victorian day house. We discussed the differences between the old artefacts to the objects we use today in the house. The children wrote their own sentences about our trip to Beamish Museum using their phonic knowledge and tricky words. 

Week 1

 Our Trip to Beamish

All of the children really enjoyed our trip to Beamish Museum. It was such fun climbing up to the top floor of the tram and taking a ride into the Victorian village. In the village we met the Dentist who showed us around his home and the equipment he uses on his patients. We also watched some boiled sweets being made in the sweet shop before going to the garage to see some old cars. We also experienced a lesson in the Victorian school where we practiced our letter writing and our counting before playing in the school yard with some old toys.  

Subitising to 6

 The Little Red Hen  

This week in Reception we read 'The Little Red Hen'. The children retold the story by drawing and labelling their own story maps. 

The Little Red Hen

1st Step of a Chicks Lifecycle

Touch Counting to 20