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West Denton Primary School

‘A Stepping Stone into the Future’

Spring Term B

Week 3

This week we begun our new topic The Stone Age. We began by looking at a sculpture called the Lion Man which was discovered by archaeologists in 1939. It is the oldest known sculpture to have ever been discovered at 40,000 years old! Once we had learned about it we then went on to sculpt our own Lion Man out of clay. We used a range of tools and techniques to make them with some super results.

In maths we developed our measuring skills as well as our skills to divide whole numbers by 10 and 100. We measured different parts of our bodies and then divided them by 10 and 100 and recorded the decimal answers in cm and m.

Super Readers


Well done to the children who read into the green zone this week and thankyou to their grown ups for their support at home. Sadly there are a lot of children in the red zone this week. Reading really does change lives so supporting your child with their reading at home would really give them a real head start.

Week 2

This week has been full speed ahead!

On Wednesday we celebrated World Maths Day and carried out practical maths investigations which were really tricky. We stuck at them showing super resilience to find the solutions.

On Thursday we had a visit from Amy from the Edible Garden. We spent the morning in the allotments planting, weeding, sifting and hunting for bugs. We had a lot of fun and learned about planting and growing cycles.

We also celebrated World book day and we all came to school dressed as out favourite book characters. We had fun doing a book scavenger hunt getting every book in class out to search for different characters, settings and elements of books.

Week 1


Welcome back!

This week we have started a fab new topic States of Matter. We have been finding out the difference between solids, liquids and gasses. We discovered what a particle is and how they move in different states. When something is a solid the particles are very close together but still move a little and when it is a gas they move very quickly in straight lines. We investigated the differences using our hands and multilink cubes as models of different states. We discovered that in order to change somethings state we have to give it energy to make the particles move more quickly.

Also this we have been thinking about anti-bullying. We thought a lot about what bullying is, how it effects people and what signs we can look for to tell if some one is being bullied. We then worked really hard to produce some posters about anti-bullying.

Super Star Readers


Once again a big well done to the children who managed to get in the green zone for reading this week and of course a big thank you to their grown ups for supporting them at home!

It was lovely to see more names in the orange and green zone! However, the majority of children having read less than once this week and remain in the red zone. Please support your child with their reading at home as this is a life skill that will help develop every aspect of their learning.