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Ancient Egyptians History Topic

IPC - The Ancient Egyptians - Temples, Tombs and Treasures


In out IPC  topic we were going to start one of my favourite History projects about the Egyptians and their Temples,Tombs and Treasures. This is a fab, interesting topic for you to start a new project at home about. Again there are loads of resources and ideas on Twinkl that your families can down load for you for free. Here a few ideas to get you started:

  • Who were the Ancient Egyptians?
  • When did they live? Where is Egypt?
  • How many different Gods did the Ancient Egyptians worship? Draw a colourful picture of them and write their names and short description about them and what they were the god of.
  • Who were the Pharaohs? What happened when they died? This is a grizzly practice that you will love finding out about. Try designing a canopic jar or make each other into a mummy using toilet roll.
  • Who was Tutankhamum? Find out and draw or paint your own Tutankhamun mask. If your feeling really adventurous maybe you can try making one!
  • What was a pyramid? What was it for? Find out the answer to these questions then draw and label a pyramid as if is has been cut in half and you can see inside. What/who were buried in the pyramid?
  • What were Ancient Egyptian's houses like? Write and advert for an Estate Agent selling and Ancient Egyptian house. Draw and label a plan of an Egyptian house.
  • What did the Ancient Egyptians eat? Try making and trying different Egyptian Food, design a menu for and Ancient Egyptian menu
  • What was daily life like for Ancient Egyptians?


I'm sure you will have lots of fun learning about the Ancient Egyptians and if you want some more ideas follow the links below to find lots of fun activities and resources on Twinkl.

The Ancient Egyptians eBook

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Ancient Egyptians reading comprehension


Have fun and we hope you enjoy learning all about Ancient Egypt!