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West Denton Primary School

‘A Stepping Stone into the Future’

Summer Term A

Week 5

 Jubilee Celebrations

Reception celebrated the Queen's Platinum Jubilee in style with whole school fun on the field, bubbles, dancing, pass the parcel, cucumber sandwiches, cupcakes and crowns.

Corgi Pass the Parcel

Decorating Crowns

Jubilee Banquet

 The Queen's Knickers

Reception listened to the story "The Queen's Knickers" by Nicholas Allan.  We thought the story was so funny.  The children designed a special pair of knickers for the Queen to wear as part of her Jubilee celebrations.

Week 4

Adding More

In Maths we explored how the quantity of a group can be changed by adding more.  We used ‘First, Then, Now’ stories and practised holding the number they started with and counting on.

First, Then, Now Stories

 Message in a Bottle Top

Here is our finished octopus and seahorse sculptures made by Early Years.  We have been learning about the damaging effects of plastic on the environment and animals we love.  Early Years turned waste into art and entered a competition for a chance to win a £5,000 playground makeover!

Message in a Bottle Top Finished Sculptures

Tynemouth Aquarium

Reception had an amazing day at Tynemouth Aquarium.  The children loved learning about all the different animals that live in the sea.  We got to touch some starfish and learnt that they have 5 eyes, 5 arms and about 500 legs!  Reception loved the yucky fact, which was that starfishes stomach actually comes out of their bodies when they eat and then go back inside.  We also loved the seals, especially when they were doing tricks and waved at us.  

Seal Show

Week 3

Chicken Licken 

As we get ready to say goodbye to our chicks at the end of the week the children have been observing the change in their appearance by drawing some observational sketches. We will definitely miss the sound of their cheerful chirps in our classrooms. This week we have been reading and retelling the traditional tale of "Chicken Licken".  In Maths we used a tangram and explored how you can make different shapes and pictures with the tangram pieces.   

 Observational Sketches

Problem Solving Tangrams

 Message in a Bottle Top

Plastic bottle tops, bottles, straws, bags and old netting were recycled to make beautiful sea animal sculptures.  We had lots of messy fun adding the mod roc bandages.

Making an Octopus Sculpture

Week 2

 Rainbow Fish 

This week has been an extremely exciting week in Reception as we welcomed 10 chicken eggs into our classrooms and watched 8 of them hatch before our very eyes.  The children loved holding and stroking the chicks on their laps and have been very gentle and caring towards them. Reception have also really enjoyed reading the story "Rainbow Fish" by Marcus Pfister.  We used the story to develop our descriptive language by writing about the Rainbow Fish. 

 Message in a Bottle Top

Thank you to everyone who collected bottle tops and brought them in for Early Years to use for their competition entry.  We sorted the bottle tops into groups and there were 1,050 in total!  The children thought about which animals are in danger from plastic pollution and voted to make a seahorse and octopus design.

Seahorse Sketches

Octopus Sketches

Sorting Bottle Tops

Week 1 

 Teen Numbers

This week in Maths we have been developing our understanding of simple place value.  Reception have used a range equipment to make 'teen' numbers.  We are learning that teen numbers are made up of 1 ten and ones.  The children noted that the Ten Town character Tia Ten was in each teen number, when watching the number stories. 

Building Teen Numbers Using Numicon

 Somebody Swallowed Stanley

Reception listened to the story "Somebody Swallowed Stanley" by Sarah Roberts.  It tells the story of Stanley the carrier bag who is swept out to sea and mistaken for a jellyfish.  We learned that sea animals and birds can get trapped, tangled and even strangled by all kinds of plastic waste.

What Can You See Under the Sea?