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West Denton Primary School

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Autumn Term A

Week 7


As we approach Halloween the children have explored pumpkins.  We looked at the size and shape of various types of pumpkins, judged which was the heaviest and investigated inside.  They helped to carve out the pumpkin and use the insides to make potions.  The children helped make a delicious pumpkin soup.  We learned how to chop up vegetables and try new foods.  In the collage area they designed and made their own individual pumpkin.

Thank you to Mia Lawton a contestant from Junior Bake Off, Mrs Trainers friend, for making this amazing Halloween gingerbread house for Nursery.  We have been looking at it for a while and today we got to eat it and it was delicious.  All the children loved it.  "Whoooooo!"

Week 6


Nursery have been learning about hedgehogs this week, investigating their habitat and how we can care for them. We are becoming a hedgehog friendly school as they are now an endangered species! We made hedgehogs using paper plates, straws, paint and chalks.

The children began collecting Autumn resources as part of their homework and have loved exploring what each other has found on the nature table.

Week 5

 Zoo Lab

This week we were very lucky to have a visit from Zoo Lab.  The animals that Rob brought in were a snake, a rat, a cockroach, a giant millipede and a tarantula.  Nursery were were very brave and thoroughly interested in a close up of the animals. The children could have a hold, a stroke or just a look depending on how brave they felt.

Fine Motor Development

The children have really enjoyed a selection of Autumn themed activities that develop their fine motor skills.  Fine motor skills are critical for the development of emergent writing.  The challenges this week included playing with the woodland animals display, manipulating the dough with sticks and fir cones and making some interesting natural pictures with seeds and legumes.

Mrs Hughes supported the children in the writing area making their own marks with a selection of writing tools.

Week 4

Owls and Autumn Changes

This week we have continued investigating owls and looked at the changes we can see around us in Autumn.  The children carefully matched colours when making our conkers and Autumn leaf designs.  They have been developing their fine motor skills by creating a paper owl collage and tearing paper to make feathers.  In Maths we have been sorting and making colour groups on plates.  We had great fun at the end of the day developing our gross motor skills by dancing with scarves.

Week 3

Owl Babies

Our first full week in Nursery and it's been lots of fun!

Nursery listened to Mrs Hughes read the story "Owl Babies" by Martin Waddell and on the smart board listened to some interesting owl calls.  We have made some lovely owl related crafts.  The children made a cute and fluffy owlet using a fir cone, made observational owl paintings and added feathers to their playdough sculptures. We finished the week with a tasty owl toast snack, yum!

Welcome to West Denton Primary School

We will share snapshots of our learning here across the year.  During induction visits the Nursery children have been learning routines and how to use the classroom equipment.  They explored the indoor and outdoor environments, stayed for lunch and have been making new friends.  All of the children have settled in very well and I am looking forward to a fun filled year!  Have a look at some of the things we have been up to ...

Week 1 and 2 Induction Visits