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West Denton Primary School

‘A Stepping Stone into the Future’

Spring Term B

Week 5

In Science this week, we learned about North and South poles of magnets and asked the question ‘Are all magnets the same?’ The children tested different magnets to see how many paper clips they would pick up. They also tested different materials to see which are magnetic. We celebrated Spanish day this week by wearing red and yellow and taking part in fun activities. We also made Easter cards and drew our Easter raffle prizes and announced the winners of our Easter drawing competition. Well done everyone!

Week 4

This week we continued our non-fiction text in English, and the children wrote an explanation text about what an earthquake is. They had to include technical language and diagrams. In Science, we learned about forces and experimented with different pushes and pulls. We also learned about friction, and tested how much we would have to raise a ramp for a car to begin moving on different surfaces.

Week 3

We had lots of fun in DT this week, designing and making a ‘Moving Monster’ with a pneumatic system. First we looked at different objects which use air to make them work, then we had a go at making a system using a balloon, tubing, a syringe and an elastic band. Of course the most fun part was seeing all of the fantastic monster designs. They look amazing! In maths, we started measuring length using metres and centimetres. In English we learned about the doubling rule for adding a suffix to a root word. We then found words with suffixes in our non-fiction text, before writing our own sentences. 

Week 2
This week we were invited to court for jury duty in the case of Alexander. T. Wolf vs The Three Little Pigs. We had to carefully consider all of the evidence before deciding whether or not Mr Wolf was innocent or guilty. This helped us to learn about the ‘Rule of Law’ British Value. In the drama workshop that followed we explored the characters in the story and had great fun. In maths, we were dividing 2 digit by 1 digit numbers using the bus stop method. We started a non-fiction text in English which is all about Earthquakes and Tsunamis. The children learned about the features of a non-fiction text, including the glossary and diagrams. In History, we continued our Anglo-Saxons topic by learning about a ship burial that was discovered in Sutton Hoo which is believed to have contained the treasures and body of an Anglo-Saxon King. The children also got to try on an Anglo-Saxon warrior helmet. They all agreed it was very heavy!

Week 1

In maths this week, we were multiplying 2 digit numbers by 1 digit numbers. In English, we finished off our Iron Man topic by writing a newspaper report about the challenge between the Iron Man and the Space-bat-angel-dragon. Some of our children would make excellent reporters! In PE we started dodgeball and we had lots of fun after learning the rules. In History, we started our new topic The Anglo-Saxons. The children had to look at primary and secondary sources of evidence to work out why the Romans left Britain, and then learned about how the Anglo-Saxon way of life involved farming. We all enjoyed World Book Day and it was fantastic seeing all of the costumes!