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West Denton Primary School

‘A Stepping Stone into the Future’

WDPS Allotments and Edible Playgrounds

Harvesting our home grown pumpkins

Working in the Allotments

Back to school and so much work to do, weeding, harvesting and general clean up. The work is underway with children from all years, working together and supporting each other to achieve the tasks in hand.

Our children have been weeding, seeding and planting in our allotments and edible garden. Nurturing everything they have planted and also the mature plants

Our children and their families have been working really hard weeding and back filling with new soil. Then learning about the sensory plants by smelling and touching them before planting them.

Weeding, planting and generally tidying up, our children have been working extremely hard in small teams.

Carrying on with the refurbishment, our children have been working together as teams to move soil and clippings to our allotment and edible gardens

The refurbishment continues with the help of some of our adults and lots of our children. Work is hard, but they have been very resilient.

Our refurbishment continues and the new have beds arrived

Spring is here and everything is starting to grow. Our children are levelling up their skills on weeding, planting seeds and plants and generally cleaning up.

The greenhouse has a new roof

The refurbishment continues with the removal of the old greenhouse roof ready for the new one to be fitted and also the fitting on the first new bed. Our children have been very resilient and responsible for themselves and others

The refurbishment begins with the hard work of taking the old beds apart and putting them in the skip. Taking responsibility for their own safety and working as a team

All of our children have been working hard on the big clean up, seed and plant in our allotments and garden area. Children have been using many skills: gross and fine motor skills; communication; instruction taking; Teamwork; responsibility the list is endless: all while having fun

All of our children are working together and removing all the soil from our allotment patches to get them prepared for having them renewed. Their teamwork, gross motor skills, communication and hard work have been put to the test, however our children have stepped up to the challenge as always. As well as, planting seeds and having a general tidy up.

Year 5 working in the rain - weeding, planting and harvesting the strawberries

Year 6 weeding, planting, harvesting and eating

Mrs Taylor’s Reception class visiting for the first time and planting their seeds of sweet corn and sunflowers

Nursery planting their peas in the allotments and edible garden. Then having a taste and smell of other plants on their very first visit

Year 6 repainting our path, weeding, planting and helping conquer the bind weed

Planting seeds, weeding, watering, digging over and spring clean up is all underway

It’s spring and here are some of the plants we have been grown over the winter

It’s Spring and work has started - weeding; filling in paths; planting seeds; turning over soil and general tidy up

Planting seeds to put on our classroom window cills; in our pop bottle green house and cold frames; looking after them to help them grow into lovely young plants ready for our allotments and edible garden area.

Fruit and vegetables that we have grown

Year 3 weeding, digging and tidying the allotment and edible garden ready for the winter

Years 3 and 4 have been working in the Allotments and Edible Garden, weeding, planting and tidying up ready for the winter coming

Planting for the winter and harvesting vour crop