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West Denton Primary School

‘A Stepping Stone into the Future’

Autumn Term A

Week 7

"What's in the Witch's Kitchen?" by Nick Sharratt 

Reception have been acting out the story "What's in the Witch's Kitchen?" in our role play area. 

Halloween Party

Reception had a spooktacular time at our Halloween party.  The children enjoyed the spooky games which included pass the parcel, corners and pin the tail on the black cat.  I'm sure you'll agree that the children looked frightfully good in their Halloween costumes and party clothes.

 Monster Dance Moves

Reception showed their monster moves on the dance floor!

Mummy Wrap

We worked in teams to wrap children in toilet paper from head to toe.  Don't they look terrifying?

Dangling Doughnuts

Eating our snack time treat was really tricky!

 Sensory Play

Reception used their senses to investigate and describe the pumpkins.

Witch Scavenger Hunt

In Bushcraft we helped a wicked witch hunt for spell ingredients.  We put the ingredients in a cauldron and made a bubbling potion.  

Week 6

Autumn Patterns

Reception used their Autumn treasures to create a repeating pattern.

Leaf Man

Our story of the week is "Leaf Man" by Lois Ehlert.  Reception used the Autumn treasures we collected for homework to make our own animal and people designs.


Reception made their own treasure maps and problem solved using the Numicon shapes to make pirate ships, hats and treasure chest pictures.  

Treasure Maps

Week 5

 Comparing Length

In Maths we have been comparing this week.  We had lots of fun finding objects from around the classroom that are longer or shorter than Fred.

Leaf Hedgehog 

Reception loved creating art work with Autumn leaves collected on a walk.  We explored the different shapes and textures to create these super cute hedgehog designs!

 Attendance Week

Well done to our 100% attendance superstars who achieved a gold band and prize this week!

Week 4

 The Button Box

This week we have listened to the story "The Button Box" by Margarette Reid.  In Maths we have been matching and sorting.


"Walking Through the Jungle" by Julie Lacome

Make a Snake Challenge

Reception looked at photographs of snakes and their repeating patterns.  We made our own snakes and chose whether to make a snake that will camouflage with its surroundings (using the natural coloured pens and paper) or a snake that is scaring off predators (with the brighter colours).  The children cut out their curled and straight snake designs.

Week 3

Hapa Zome

Reception enjoyed working with Mrs McHatton and Mrs Gullon in the Bushcraft area.  Hapa zome is the Japanese art of bashing the natural pigment out of leaves and flowers onto fabric to create prints.  It’s a wonderful sensory experience, a really simple and effective way to learn a little more about plants and trees and a creative way to make beautiful prints.

 Counting Bears

We have been counting out bears from a larger group.  Reception practised lining up the bears, stopping at the total and matching a number name to each bear.

 Witches and Wizards

This week in our Get Set 4 PE lesson there was a Witches and Wizards theme.  We had to stop when the freeze spell was cast and to avoid other witches as we flew around the room.  In a giant circle we created magic potions.  While playing 'the magic catcher' tag game we had to run to a cauldron hoop when hocus pocus was called.

Week 2

Bean Bags and Body Parts

First we had to warm up our bodies ready for exercise.  Then we tossed, caught and balanced bean bags to develop our gross motor skills.  

 Writing Names and Fred Talk

In Literacy we have been learning to recognise and write our name.  We have been using a robot voice to orally blend letter sounds and feed Fred the frog "m-o-p mop".


We have continued to form friendships and explore the classroom areas.  Reception have enjoyed looking through the traditional tale books and playing with the matching characters in the reading den.  The funky finger challenges and dressing up station have also been a popular choice this week.


Mrs McHatton shared the bushcraft rules and how to stay safe.  We explored the woodland area and helped to keep it tidy by finishing with a litter pick.

Week 1

The First Day

My delightful new Reception class have settled into school life seamlessly!  Here they are enjoying their first week.  We have been learning routines and how to use the classroom equipment.  They explored the indoor and outdoor environments, stayed for lunch and have been making new friends.  All of the children have settled in very well and I am looking forward to a fun filled year!  Have a look at some of the things we have been up to ...