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West Denton Primary School

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Spring Term A

Week 6

We are so very proud of our Nursery children who are not only working so hard with their Mathematics and phonics but building beautiful friendships. They work and play together, sharing resources, ideas and interests.  The children are always keen to try new activities and want to learn every day.  We wanted to show you some lovely moments in their day.


Have a great week off and we look forward to seeing you all after the holidays.

Week 5

The Nursery children explored Numicon this week.

Together they made a number line with the large foam pieces, looking at the shapes and individual colours.  They counted the holes to find out their values. The children could then play and explore them independently indoors and out.  There was Numicon in the play dough for printing and mark-making area to use as stencils .

We have been hoping for some snow but it hasn't arrived yet but we made a fabulous winter display of collage snowflakes and bottle printed snowflakes.


Week 4

We have continued to explore Chinese New Year themed activities this week.  We read the story "The Great Race" written and illustrated by Emily Hiles. The children brought the story to life re-enacting the race with animals in the water tray.  The children have made dragon masks and dancing dragon puppets using masking tape and lolly sticks.  We gave the children a 'funky finger challenge' to pick up pom poms using chopstick or tongs.  The children tried using chopsticks again, to enjoy some sweet and sour noodles and delicious prawn crackers.  Nursery also had fun trying to set the arctic animals free from the frozen ice. They discovered warming the ice with their hands would melt it.  In PE we have been developing our throwing and catching skills using beanbags.

Week 3

It will soon be Chinese New Year so we have added some lovely Chinese decorations and other resources to our cafe.  Some children have dressed up in traditional Chinese clothes.  We have used the CBeebies website to watch short stories all about Chinese New Year and the children particularly enjoyed the dragon dance.  Nursery made their own lanterns to develop scissor skills and tried painting Chinese writing.

On Sunday 26th January there will be celebrations in Chinatown Newcastle. Families will be able to enjoy a day of free Chinese events and a performance of a dragon dance starting at 11am at 'The Green' Old Eldon Square.  If any families visit this event we would love to see some pictures next week.

We will continue with Chinese New Year themed activities and taste some Chinese food in week 4.

Nursery children have also took part in some fabulous imaginary play this week.  They wanted to make a McDonalds drive through using the wooden blocks.  A sign was needed and food for the customers.  All of the children enjoyed joining in and taking part.

Week 2

We have a cafe area in Nursery.  The children have been learning about the different roles.  They have been cooking, serving and playing the role of customers.  The children have handled money and developed their mark-making skills writing orders.

We have read books about food and cafes such as "Mrs Wobble The Waitress" by Allan and Janet Ahlberg and "A piece of Cake" by Jill Murphy.

Some children helped to make two cakes just like in the story and we shared them at snack time.

Week 1

The Nursery children were so excited to be back after Christmas.  They could not wait to share their experiences and tell us all about the presents they had received. One of our pupils brought in his trombone and we were all very impressed when he played it.

This week we have added some new Maths equipment, which has been very well received.  The children have explored all of the equipment and developed some new skills along the way.

Happy New Year to all of our parents and carers!