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West Denton Primary School

β€˜A Stepping Stone into the Future’

Spring Term B

Week 5

 The Easter Story

This week the children have been learning about the Easter story. We looked at why Easter is special to Christians and how people celebrate this day in the religious calendar.  

Signs of Spring Writing

Trying Hot Cross Bun

 The Thing About Spring 

The children enjoyed listening to the story 'The Thing About Spring' by Daniel Kirk. We discussed the changes between the seasons and what we noticed about the trees and the weather. We have started to decorate our classroom tree for the spring with small leaves that are starting to sprout, we have even added our Easter baubles and Ramadan crescent moons to brighten it up.  

Numberbond Hotdogs

Easter Chick Touch Counting

Easter Egg Competition

Odd Blocks or Even Tops

Maths Sorting Objects into Groups

Deep Dark Wood Hunt 🌳🌳🌳

Spanish Day

Week 4

 The Gruffalo 

This week our story has been 'The Gruffalo' by Julia Donaldson. Through 'Plan to Play' the children enjoyed using the characters to retell and act out the story of the Gruffalo, also by using their own imagination they changed the ending of story. We got the chef hats out again and made Gruffalo Crumble using shredded wheat, melted chocolate, purple and green grapes, strawberry laces, dried apricots and marshmallows to symbolise the different parts of the Gruffalo's body. 

Gruffalo Descriptive Labelling


This week in Maths we have been looking and playing games using doubles. The children have been amazing at identifying doubles and have retaining and applying key vocabulary this week by using STEM sentences: This is a double because _ is a part and _ is a part. 

PE Games - Transport βœˆοΈπŸš—πŸš²πŸš‚

Week 3

 Five Minutes Peace 


This week we have been listening to the story 'Five Minutes Peace' by 'Jill Murphy'. A perfect story to remind the children that our loved ones sometimes need some peace and quiet, especially over 'Mother's Day'. We all enjoyed our adventure to the library and Morrisons. The children took pictures of landmarks along the way to remember our journey to make a map. We took the shopping lists that the children wrote to make sure we bought everything that we needed to make shortbread biscuits. 

Attendance Trophy

Writing a Shopping List

Map of Our Journey to The Library

Week 2

  Three Billy Goats Gruff

This week we have been reading the traditional tale 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff'. We explored how to make strong bridges and how to adapt them to make them even stronger. We tested the strength of our bridges by placing our farm animal toys on top. We also designed and made our own tin foil boats to experiment how many coins the boat could hold before it became to heavy and sank. The children really enjoyed counting along with every penny that was added with anticipation. 

Wanted Poster Writing

PE Games - Aeroplanes ✈️

Fine Motor Challenges - Cut and Stick Jigsaw

Attendance Treat

Week 1 

 World Book Day 

This week all the children enjoyed coming into school dressed as their favourite characters from books for 'World Book Day'. It was lovely to see the children smiling, laughing and discussing each others costumes. 

 Attendance Trophy 

It's happened again! Well done Reception Red Room we have the best attendance in the school again this week. Lets keep it up and keep the trophy in our classroom. 

 Mr Wolf's Pancakes 

This week the children enjoyed listening to 'Mr Wolf's Pancakes' by 'Jan Fearnley'. We found out what ingredients we needed to make delicious pancakes in our classroom and had lots of fun watching the demonstration. Flipping the pancakes in the air for the children became very worrying as they kept calling for the flip to go higher and higher (any higher and I think the pancake would have stuck to the ceiling).

Making Pancakes Demonstration With Chef Matthews