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West Denton Primary School

‘A Stepping Stone into the Future’

Spring A

 Week 6 

This week Reception have been reading 'Mr Wolf's Pancakes' by 'Jan Fearnley'. The children were great at retelling the story and identifying what ingredients he needed to mix together. Our writing challenge this week was to write a speech bubble for Mr Wolf. 

 Making Pancakes Demonstration 

This week Chef Matthews visited our class to show the children how to make pancakes. Reception were able to help Chef Matthews by telling him what ingredients he needed, thanks to our story of the week 'Mr Wolf's Pancakes'. No pancakes were harmed in the process. The children had a flipping good time! 

 Taste Testing Pancake Toppings

Taste testing pancakes this week was a very difficult job. We tested 4 toppings to see which one was our favourite; was it golden syrup, strawberry, chocolate or lemon juice? After we tested them we made a class bar chart to see our results.  

   Valentines Day Arts and Crafts



 Valentines Day Subitising  

 Week 5

Reception have been learning all about Chinese New Year and listened to the story "The Chinese New Year" by Lucy Cousins.  We set up a Chinese take away in our role play area. Reception tried Chinese food and talked about their likes and dislikes.  Using chopsticks was tricky!  We made paper crafts and completed a Numicon dragon in Maths.

 Chinese Dragon Art

The children have enjoyed drawing their own Chinese Dragons. They have also been selecting the correct pieces of Numicon to fit in each space on the Chinese Dragon puzzle to create their own picture. 

 Chinese Restaurant Roleplay

This week our home corner has transformed into our very own Chinese restaurant and it's making us HUNGRY! 

 Fine Motor Challenge - Chinese Numbers

 1 less

 Week 4

Our story of the week is "Six Dinner Sid" by Inga Moore.  It is a fabulous story about a sly cat who manages to get six dinners a day! 

 5 Little Men on a Flying Saucer 

In Maths we have been exploring numbers 6 and 7.  We used double dice frames and noted they are composed of ‘5 and a bit’.

 P.E - Dance 

This week in PE the children continued to think creatively by selecting their own actions to represent an idea. The children have also continued to show respect and build their own confidence by performing and watching their peers perform their routine. 


This week we have been exploring capacity in maths. The children looked at different sized containers and investigated which container holds the most using objects such as cubes and water. 

Week 3

 RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch

Reception class made bird feeders to hang in the school grounds in preparation for the RSPB Garden Birdwatch event. We then made used a bird guide and quietly waited to see which birds flew into our garden. 

Owl Babies

This week Reception listened to the story "Owl Babies" by Martin Waddell.  We discussed what the owl characters could be saying and wrote our own speech bubbles.   We learned that baby owls are called ‘owlets’. 

 Owl Toast

We made toast and fruit look like an owl in this fun and simple healthy snack recipe.

 Five Little Speckled Frogs

We investigated different ways to make 5.  Here we are working out how many frogs are hiding in the pool.  We repeated the STEM sentences as a group '5 is made from 4 and 1'.

Number Bonds of 5 

Reception investigated the number bonds of 5 by playing a game. The children shook 5 double sided counters in their hands and dropped them onto a plate. We counted the red counters and the yellow counters and placed them on a 5 frame. We looked at how many different ways we could make 5. 



PE - Dance

This week the children have begun to explore dance in PE. We found out that when we dance we count to 8 to help us stay in time and move to the beat. We explored our own actions in response to the task and were all confident to share our work with our peers by sitting quietly and sharing what we liked about our partners movements.

Week 2


We discussed changes over time and looked at some baby photos of our friends.  Reception wrote a shopping list for a new baby and cared for the new born babies in our role play area.

 Staircase Patterns

This week in Maths we made towers to match the Numberblocks, adding 1 more each time.  We played a game with a partner and had to guess which Numberblock was hiding.

Week 1 

 Our History

Reception listened to the fantastic story "Once there were Giants" by Martin Waddell.  The story follows a baby who lives amongst giants – Mum and Dad. The baby grows a little, and soon she can walk and talk. Then the baby grows a lot, until she is all grown up and has a baby of her own.  The class discussed how they have changed from when they were younger.

Next week we will be sharing our baby photos and playing guess who?

Changes Writing

 PE - Throwing, Catching, Rolling and Jumping


 Number Bonds to 5

Reception investigated the number bonds of 5 by playing a game. The children had 5 beanbags to throw into a hoop. We counted the beanbags that were in the hoop and the ones that were outside and recorded our findings in a part part whole model.