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Day 3 Team Ridge

What an amazing end to our 3 days away. We finished with Nightline and the climbing wall. You have all been fantastic and given everything a go, being an absolute pleasure to be with. Well done Team Ridge.

Day 3 Team Crag

Well done Team Crag. You’ve all pushed yourself out of your comfort zone to achieve personal goals. You should be very proud of yourselves as I am of you. What a great residential we’ve had.


Our last activities were Challenge Course and caving.

Day 3 Team Mountain

Well done Team Mountain, we’ve had a great residential with everyone trying everything and showing great resilience. You’ll all sleep well tonight. Photos to follow.

Day 2

Activities for Team Crag


This morning, after a good breakfast, we started our day with the Zip Line. Everyone joined in which was amazing to see fears overcome. Then we did archery and crate stacking before lunch. After that, we did canoeing, the Giant Swing and the Piranha Pool. 

Day 2

Activities for Team Mountain


Today we have done Archery, Canoeing, Challenge Course, Trapeze, Night Line and Giant Swing.


Day 2

Activities for Team Ridge

We have done canoeing, archery, Caving, Piranha Pool, Zip Line and crate staking. What a great day we’ve had.

Meal time

We’ve all earned out food tonight and followed it with Team Challenge games.

Day 1

Team Ridge


Another great start, well done so far Team Ridge. Trapeze, Giant Swing and Quest. 


Day 1

Team Mountain

Team Mountain have had a great day so far. Crate Stacking, Climbing and Quest.

Day 1

Team Crag

Great start for Team Crag. Nightline, Quest, Trapeze and the Climbing Wall.


We’ve all arrived safely. The walk up was muddy but lovely with the fresh air. We even saw a deer! All the children have settled in to their dorms nicely and are happy. We’ve had some lunch and are about to start our first activity. We are all very excited.

Please keep checking here for updates and photos. We will update as soon as possible but only have Wifi in certain places.