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West Denton Primary School

‘A Stepping Stone into the Future’

Autumn Term A

Half Term Homework

We tried something new this half term and used Seesaw to set some home learning activities over the holiday.  Please let us know if you have any problems accessing this as we can give out paper copies if needed. The children enjoyed using the Seesaw app when we practised logging on in class.

Eva enjoyed getting creative over half term - well done!

Week 7

We had lots of fun making Halloween and Autumn crafts this week.

Year 1 enjoyed dressing up for Halloween on Friday! Thank you so much for all your donations to the People's Kitchen in Newcastle :)

We made tasty pumpkin face biscuits too. They were fun to make and of course we had to taste test them too (they were delicious!)

Homework 19.10.20

3D Shape Hunt. We have asked the children to have a look round at home for anything shaped like a cube, cuboid, cone or sphere.

Matthew enjoyed finding 3D shapes at home!

Week 6

Maths - Making a Cube

We had great fun this week making a 'treasure box' cube!

Homework 12.10.20

This week the children have a writing task, either adding captions to a picture or completing the missing sounds in the words.

Week 5 

Every Friday afternoon we have our Achievers Celebration in class. We give out 5 certificates to children who have worked really hard all week and lived out our West Denton Core Values. The children are always really proud of themselves when they receive an award!

Homework 5.10.20

We have asked the children to carry out a 2D shape hunt and look for different shapes at home!

Well done Matthew, great 2D shape hunting!

Week 4



We have been working hard on our Phonics, which will help us with our reading, writing and spelling.

Homework 28.9.20

This week we have asked the children to write a sentence or more to describe what they can see in the picture.

Aaminah has written several super neat sentences using punctuation. Well done!

Lovely writing from Maycee and Eva..

Joey and Carter have worked hard on their homework - great job!

Matthew has been practising his numbers using his whiteboard. Lovely work!

Week 3

Rocksteady Music School

We have been enjoying livestreamed music lessons from the Rocksteady Music School. We were great at playing air guitar!


Homework 21.9.20

This week's homework was another speaking and listening task. We asked the children to discuss which cartoon character they would like to be and why. Please email your child's picture of their cartoon character to us and we can put it on the website, we love to see their work!smiley

Aaminah sent us her fantastic picture of Wonder Woman, who would protect people from robbers. Lovely writing too!

Matthew sent in this super picture of his favourite character, The Flash. He chose him as he is super fast!

Thomas sent in this great picture from the Teen Titans, Beast Boy, who can change into any animal. We love the bright colours!

Week 2

Football Training

We have been lucky to have football training from NUFC this term to help our children develop their skills, get fit and have fun! Thankfully the weather has been kind to us too.

Please remember that this will take place every Wednesday so we ask that you send your child into school wearing a full PE kit with leggings or tracksuit trousers, along with a warm, waterproof coat as we will be outside whatever the weather.

This week we sent out homework packs including alphabet strips, number lines, laminated names, phonics sheets, a dry wipe board, pen and board rubber. These are to help your child practise writing their full name correctly, as well as their letter and number formation. This will really help them in the months to come.


Matthew has beem practising his letter formation and writing his name correctly - great job!

Homework 14.9.20

Our homework this week was a speaking and listening activity, where your child could talk with you about which animal they would like to be and why. If your child would like to draw a picture, please email it to us and we will put it on the website.


Matthew drew a fantastic picture of a crocodile as his animal - a great choice! smiley

Thomas sent in this super shark picture - well done!smiley
Emily sent in her fabulous lion picture, another great choice!smiley

Week 1

Loose Parts in Bushcraft

Our children in Year 1 have been in the bushcraft area working on their mental wellbeing and life skills.  They have been making transient art pictures of things that mean a lot to them, using natural loose parts.  We also played a creative game - finding a loose part and imagining it was something else.