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Autumn Term B

Christmas Song

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 Theo and the Velvet Onesies

Reception were fascinated to learn children had to sleep underground during the war to stay safe.  We found out that the prime minister Winston Churchill's siren suit was the original onesie! 

Lest We Forget

Reception observed the two minute silence on Remembrance Day.  We watched the Cbeebies animation 'Poppies' and talked about how the rabbit was feeling. The children used loose parts to make their own poppy designs. 


This week the children have been using the song 'Five Little Peas' when looking at the number 5.  They have been making collections of 5 using a hand template and then a die frame. The children soon realised that if you put two die frames together there are 10 in total - "5 and another 5 make 10 altogether".

 Hapa Zome

Reception enjoyed working with Mrs McHatton in the Bushcraft area.  Hapa zome is the Japanese art of bashing the natural pigment out of leaves and flowers onto fabric to create prints.  It’s a wonderful sensory experience, a really simple and effective way to learn a little more about plants and trees and a creative way to make beautiful prints.

 Exploring Brambles

We explored the key text "The Gifts That Grow" and tasted brambles in different formats.  The children used their senses to explore Autumn treasures.  They squashed the berries to make their own paint.

 Hedgehog Bread

Reception have continued to learn about the nocturnal hedgehog.  We each made a hedgehog bread roll.  The children followed a recipe, kneaded the bread, let it rise, shaped it with scissors and put it in the oven ready for hometime.

Plan to Play

Hedgehog Enhancements

Our finger challenge was to add spikes to a hedgehog.  The children have enjoyed exploring oil pastels this week to make observational drawings.

Thank you Mrs McHatton for the donated wooden shape puzzles.  They have been very popular!

 Fireworks Crafts

We made our bonfire night pictures using a range of media.  This included collage, mono prints and chalks.  Reception used the bonfire themed pattern cards and paintbrushes to mark make.

Edible Sparklers

Reception made edible fireworks.  We used icing and sprinkles to make our designs.  They were delicious!

Bonfire Night Brave Writing

Our independent brave write this week was all about bonfire night.  We used a robot 'Fred talk' voice to sound out words.  Reception described the firework noises and spectacular sights they could see.

Week 2 

 Sparks in the Sky

As the children have been celebrating Bonfire night this weekend, we based a discussion around what sights, smells and sounds they could hear as the fireworks produced their lovely bright colours in our dark sky. We enjoyed reading and looking at our story of the week "Sparks in the Sky" and based a classroom discussion around the story. The children were very excited to tell everyone about their own experiences. 

 Hedgehog Awareness Art Day

We discovered that hedgehogs are nocturnal and are awake during the night by listening to "Wide-awake Hedgehog" during storytime.  They also hibernate and sleep for a long time during Winter.  Sadly hedgehogs are becoming endangered and our school council arranged this day to raise awareness.  The art the children produced was entered into a competition.

Magical Mud Experiment

Reception made green cornflour slime.  We experimented squeezing the mixture and rolling it into a ball.  The mixture felt different and changed when we stopped rolling it.  The children developed their observational skills by describing how the mixture felt and talked about the changes they could see and feel. 

 Bubbling Magic Potion

We mixed together bicarbonate of soda and vinegar to make fizzy potions.  Look what happens when the ingredients are mixed together.  What words can you use to describe the potion?

Comparing Groups

This week in Maths the children have been comparing groups of objects, finding the group that has more or fewer. They have been using the stem sentences ".... has more than ..." "... has fewer than ...".  The children have found the word 'fewer' a little tricky but have become more confident as the week has progressed. 

Week 1

 What's in the Witch's Kitchen?

Reception wrote their own spooky spells.  We used a 'Fred talk' robot voice to sound out words.  Look at our fantastic writing!