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West Denton Primary School

‘A Stepping Stone into the Future’


RE Curriculum


Religious and moral education takes place across all phases at WDPS. Emphasis is placed on valuing and respecting each other as individuals and establishing a code of conduct for life, broadly based in a Christian ethos. The beliefs and customs of other religions are also taught with links within them highlighted.


The WDPS Core Values (‘Learner Profile’ and ‘Attitudes to Promote’) are embedded in the children’s learning experiences in the International Primary Curriculum and the WDPS Life Skills Challenge modules 'WDPS Resilience’ and ‘WDPS I Can Do It!'.

At WDPS, during Religious Education lessons, the children develop Attitudes to Promote’ of caring, well-balanced, enquirers, thinkers, principled, open-minded and reflective and the ‘Learner Profile’ values of curiosity, respect, appreciation, tolerance, empathy and integrity.


Themes studied throughout West Denton Primary School:


Faith Communities; Festivals and Celebrations; Sacred Writings; Religious Teachers; Beliefs and Practice; Talking about God; World Faiths.


Units of work:


Foundation Stage:

  • The Importance of Belonging
  • Harvest Festivals
  • Friends of Jesus


Key Stage 1 (Phase 1):

  • Expressions of Belonging
  • Christmas and Hanukkah
  • Easter
  • Introduction to the Bible through Characters and Stories
  • Teaching through Stories
  • Christian Beliefs and Practice
  • Ideas about God in Christianity and Judaism
  • Judaism: Torah and Shabbat
  • Judaism: Beliefs and Practice


Lower Key Stage 2 (Phase 2):

  • Expressions of Identity

           a)      Meanings within Christmas and Diwali
           b)      Meanings within Easter

  • Contents and Significance of the Bible
  • The Person of Jesus
  • Religions in the Local Community
  • The Meaning of Signs and Symbols in Religion
  • Hinduism: God and Worship in the Home
  • Hinduism: Beliefs and Practice


Upper Key Stage 2 (Phase 3):

  • Places of Worship
  • The Importance of Worship
  • Origins and Composition of the Bible
  • People’s Perspectives and Impressions of Jesus
  • The Influence of Faith on Believers
  • God as Spirit
  • Islam: Muhammad
  • Islam: The Qur’an
  • Islam: The Five Pillars
  • Islam: The Role of the Mosque